Just Breathe!

Have you ever had just one of those mornings where it is so frustrating, either with your own schedule, being late, dealing with traffic, or with your children and their morning, getting them up and going to school? This morning was one of those mornings for me! My husband had somewhere to be pretty early so he wasn’t able to get up and help out with getting our twins up, ready for school and out of the house. It is always hairy around our house in the morning with the twins. My son has ADHD, and mornings are when he is the most raw with his symptoms. I like to say that he is my son, in the most purest form! He is highly impulsive, and very hyperactive. He is highly distractible and can’t keep his mind on anything that needs to be done for longer than a few minutes. You think I am exaggerating? I am not. Breakfast is a huge production. First he can’t decide what he wants to eat…in the meantime while I am trying to get that information from him he is falling on the floor from the stool, grabbing anything that may be on the counter and playing with it or throwing it around, making verbal noises, etc. When he finally decides what he wants to eat (or I finally just make something for him), he will sit down on the stool at our counter to eat. But not for long. After maybe two bites, he is getting up off the stool, or falling off it. He is making noise, or touching something near him. Breakfast takes at least two to three times longer to complete with him because he just can’t make himself stay on task and we are constantly telling him to eat, sit down, stop touching that, etc. It is exhausting. Then I have my daughter. My little girl has a processing deficiency right now. Soon we will be bringing her to a place called Learning RX to address this issue and retrain her brain (this will be in another post). She also has a long-term and short-term memory deficiency so things with her on a daily basis are not easy. Everything with her is  v e r y  s l o w. Getting her going in the morning takes one of us standing near her keeping her going. Otherwise, just getting dressed will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Once she’s at the table for breakfast, she is fine! She eats at a normal pace, thankfully! But then its back to following her around the house making sure she is making her bed in a timely fashion, brushing her teeth and hair and getting upstairs in a reasonable time. If left to her own speed, these three tasks, if she remembers to do them all, will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes as well! Then we move on to getting her boots and coat on. I am telling you, I don’t stop for one minute to do anything for myself once these two get up on a school day until they are out the door walking to the bus! Today was a tough morning. It is at these times when I need to just breathe. I need to take about 5 deep breathes and calm myself down. I love my essential oils for this. I will take my Wild Orange and put a drop in the palm of my hand and cup it around my nose and take a deep breath! I will do this three times and by the third one, I am feeling more at ease. I am so thankful for my essential oils! Without them, I feel I don’t know how I would get through my days sometimes!!

DIY Cough Syrup

My family has been one of the lucky ones to get the crud that has been going around lately. My ten year old daughter started with it back in early December. She didn’t have too much of a cold, the majority of the symptoms seemed so go away fairly quickly…except the cough! The nagging cough that kept her up at night and that dragged on during the day. I am more of a natural remedies person and will look for alternative ways to “cure the common cold”.  I don’t like using over the counter drugs, if I can help it, especially cough syrup. I don’t think they work anyway so I started searching for recipes to help my daughter with her cough, especially at night so that she (and the rest of us) could sleep! I found this recipe with essential oils and honey.

If you are not privy on essential oils, here is a tip. There are many, many different companies out there making essential oils, however, they are not all created equal! Be sure you are checking your sources and read up on them. Because essential oils can be used on our bodies, topically, in the air we breathe, aromatically, and in our bodies, by ingestion, you will want your oils pure! You will want to be sure they are free of any contaminates, pesticides, and any additives. You will also want to be sure you are using a therapeutic grade oil, this is an essential oil that aids in providing potent therapeutic benefits. Many of the essential oils out there will claim to be therapeutic grade. However, when you attach “pure” to the label, this oil becomes an oil that is 100% pure therapeutic grade oil that has been tested rigorously and that has high standards of quality control. Through the process of testing and quality control, the essential oils become certified due to the rigorous testing and quality control. This is the essential oil that you should look for: CPTG, which stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. I know for me, I want to use the best, purist, most potent and therapeutic grade essential oils for myself and for my family. I also want to be sure I am buying from a reputable company who harvests their oils from indigenous plants, and the countries that they thrive in.

Back to the cough syrup…I mixed up Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Wild Orange, Clove and Cinnamon with a 1/2 cup of honey. I gave my daughter 1 teaspoon of the cough syrup mixture two times per day, once in the morning and once before she went to bed. The first night I gave it to her before bedtime there was a remarkable decrease in her cough! She was able to sleep (as well as this tired Mom) for the whole night with just a few coughs here and there. I continued giving her cough syrup twice a day and by the third day, she hardly coughed at all, during the day or at night! It worked! And it worked very well! So, when the rest of us started getting this wonderful virus that she brought into our home, I was making this cough syrup by the cupful! My husband was the most recent unfortunate victim to get the virus. Let me tell you, after waking up about every 5-10 minutes because my husband kept coughing right next to me, practically in my ear, I wasn’t too excited to sleep next to him that night! So I got up and mixed up some cough syrup for him and had him take it (I think it was around 1:15am). It worked almost immediately! I was so happy (and so was he)! We both were finally able to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

There are alternatives to over the counter drugs that sometimes have worse side effects than benefits. This alternative I am happy to share!