It’s Spring Time!

No matter where you live, Spring is finally upon us. I live in Minnesota and it is finally becoming green! Right now the trees have small leaves on them, having just budded about two-three weeks ago. I love the color of new leaves! They are such a pretty, light yellowish-green color. The grass is nice and green now and the fields are filled with yellow sprinkled all across them. It is lovely! Slowly the flowers are blooming filling yards and roadsides with bursts of color! Spring is one of my favorite seasons!
Unfortunately though, with the beautiful budding of everything living comes the pollen. Allergens begin to fill the air! This causes, for many people, including me, symptoms like a runny, itchy nose, watery and red eyes, maybe some coughing to go along with it! This can make this beautiful season filled with new life, become a miserable time of year to hang outside when the weather is so warm and inviting! I have suffered from allergies all of my life. I am one of those blessed people who are allergic to just about everything that God created! Whether that be on land or on furry feet! I have always taken medication for my allergies. I was diagnosed with Asthma when I was 5 years old.
Even though I have had to take medication for the majority of my life, I have sought out more natural remedies over the past few years. I have seen a Naturopath who has helped me rid my gut of toxins over the past decade to help my body become more healthy and stronger, more able to fight for itself.
One thing that I have learned over the past few years is how important it is to cleanse your gut! Toxins hang out in your gut. Did you know that? Our guts are also called our second brain. Your second brain communicates with your first brain! When your gut is filled with toxins, so will your body be as well! Doing a good healthy cleanse every three months helps to rid your body of those toxins to help your organs function better and healthier. Then be sure to follow up a cleanse with good, high quality Pre and Probiotics. Everyone should be taking Probiotics, including children! I give my 10 year old twins Probiotics every day! A good liver cleanse is good for allergies too. I use a great supplement to help cleanse my liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin called Zendocrine.
I have learned in the past couple of years that there are also some essential oils that are very beneficial for helping us deal with those nasty seasonal threats and annoyances! These are Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. I use these oils every day. I put them in a capsule and ingest them. I am very careful of the essential oils I ingest though and I encourage you to be also! You NEVER want to ingest an oil that does not have Supplemental Facts on the label stating that it is safe to ingest. You always want to be sure you are using a high quality, pure, therapeutic grade essential oil! I also use Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint on my feet, specifically around my toes because in reflexology that is where your eyes and nose and sinuses are located. You can also make a tea with them! I love the flavor of these oils added to some hot water, maybe even mixed with a Lemon Tea bag.
Be sure to do your homework when you chose to use essential oils as a natural remedy. I have received definite relief by using these three oils during this beautiful Spring season. Often times, I have to use them through the Summer and Fall too due to the number of things I am allergic to. Hopefully you can find some relief too! If you would like more information on the essential oil company that I use, please feel free to contact me directly.