My Paleo Journey

A couple of months ago, back in August, I wrote a post about the Paleo Diet and how I was planning on starting it and would keep you posted on my progress. Well, it has been about two and half months now since I wrote that post so I figured it was time to update you on my progress!

I just want to say that in all of my years of dieting, this “diet” has been the easiest to start and stick with! I have done so many fad diets in the past. I’ve tried Atkins, I’ve tried NutriSystem, I’ve tried some tomato soup diet, I’ve tried Weight Watchers, and I have tried to just plain old manage my eating myself by cutting out some carbs or cutting back on my food intake or whatever! This way of eating, the Paleo way, is by far the easiest and best way to go. At least for me. I will be honest, for the first 8 days or so I had a terrible headache! I cut out all refined sugar so my body reacted! But, after the headache went away, it was much easier to keep going. Next came intense hunger for about another week to two weeks! I was always hungry! I couldn’t get enough food, it seemed. I was getting online and printing up as many yummy tasting Paleo recipes that I could find and filling my belly with all of the safe snacks like nuts, fruit, and veggies. My stomach didn’t like what I was feeding it and was always growling at me until it finally realized that it was indeed full and my body was becoming much happier with the foods I was giving it! I slowly saw the pounds coming off. It was at a rate of 2 pounds per week for a while. By the third week I had lost 6 pounds and was very excited about it! I had been cooking some really yummy meals and was feeling satisfied by them. I even baked some desserts! Yes, you can have desserts with Paleo! I’ve baked two different kinds of brownies, a Tiramisu, chocolate tartlets, lemon blueberry bread, banana bread, and the list goes on. So I have not felt deprived of yummy food yet! That is why this is so easy. I had to learn about what Paleo eating is all about. I had to learn how to bake differently. Instead of baking with white flour, you bake with Almond, Coconut or Tapioca flour. Instead of sweetening your desserts with sugar, you use maple sugar or honey, or even dates. I am telling you, the stuff I have made with these substitutions still tastes great! I have a few picky eaters in my house who have a very strong sweet tooth so the desserts that I have made that they have tried, haven’t tasted sweet enough to them and didn’t like them much. They aren’t as sweet, I will admit, but that is okay! Once your taste buds adjust to a different kind of sweetness, you will be amazed at how good things taste being less sugary sweet!

So, to fast forward in time now to today. I have been eating Paleo now for 12 weeks, I have lost 18 pounds! I feel healthier. I have less pain in my body, whether that be in my joints or muscles. I have lost a ton of inches! By body looks different and feels different and I love it! I have lost weight in the past. The most I have ever lost before on any of the diets that I tried in the past was 15 pounds. Of course, it was good and I went down a pant size and it was nice but I was never able to sustain that weight loss. The diet I was using to lose that weight was just too hard to stick to for life. I didn’t want to never have a dessert, or eat meat all of the time at every meal. I just couldn’t keep it up. The Paleo way of eating, so far, has been really easy for me to keep up and I anticipate that it will continue to be that way for months and years to come. I love feeling like if I have a craving for a dessert type item, I can go to the internet and look up a Paleo recipe for it and make it! I can enjoy eating it and know that I have not “cheated on my diet” but rather ate something yummy that my body is completely capable of digesting and using. I can’t wait to go to the doctor and have some labs done! I have struggled with high cholesterol for almost 20 years! I was told that I was pre-diabetic a couple of years ago when my AIC number hit 5.8! My blood sugar levels have always been 100 or over! So, I can’t wait to see what those numbers will be now after 3 months of eating this way! I will post those results when I get them!

If you have struggled with your weight at all, either a lot of just a little and you just can’t seem to lose it or if you have chronic pain, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, an auto-immune disease or whatever it may be. May I suggest trying out the Paleo way of eating. It has been successful for me so far! I can’t wait to see what more changes my body makes as it continues to get healthier!

I love to travel

My friend Kim and I in Italy

I was just blessed with the most amazing and fun opportunity to travel through a few countries in Europe on a group tour with a girl friend of mine. She and I, as well as four other ladies ventured on this tour together and left our husbands and children to go have some fun for 10 days! The tour started in Germany, we went into Austria and stayed for 4 nights. We did day trips from Austria into Italy and Germany. We then moved to Italy and stayed there for two nights visiting other little towns in Italy and stayed on Lake Como. Yes, that is the lake that George Clooney on! Then went through the beautiful Swiss Alps into Switzerland for the last 3 nights of the tour. I can’t express how beautiful the mountain scenery was! I took at least 100 pictures and they do not do the scenery justice. Believe me, the pictures are awesome, but it was just so much more beautiful in person. I fell in love with the quaint towns in Austria nestled

The view out our window in Seefeld Austria

in the valleys of the mountains. They have a practice there that the houses are white with brown roofs and shutters, but the city buildings are colored in beautiful pastel colors to differentiate the two. They love flowers in Austria! Almost every home had window or deck boxes filled with beautiful uniformly colored flowers! It was a stunning display and I vowed to adopt that into my own life and try to do the same at my own home next summer. They did the same in Germany, Switzerland and Italy but not as much as Austria. Even the businesses had window boxes filled with flowers!


We traveled via plane, train, cog-train, cable car, and bus! We spent most of the touring time on the bus. My friend had a lot of issues with motion sickness, especially when we drove through the mountainous areas. I can’t believe how many hairpin turns they have in those countries! We both use essential oils so we were both equipped with the travel necessities! There was even a time that I felt slightly nauseous on the day we were driving up and around mountains! Our bus driver was an incredible driver but he didn’t take things very slowly…so there was a lot of weaving back and forth in the bus! I found thatPeppermint oil was a life savor for me in particular but Ginger was a good one too. My friend used Ginger and Peppermint religiously before and during every bus ride!

The food we had was sumptuous! I think there were only two dinners that I really didn’t care for. We always had a three course dinner. It started with a wonderful salad and/or soup (or in Italy’s case it was two different kinds of pasta!), an entree and a dessert. The dinners lasted a full hour! There were times when my stomach got a little upset by the richness of the food, or just the different food that I was glad that I had my Digestzen oil and softgels on hand! It is amazing how quickly that stuff works! Within a half an hour of dripping a drop onto my tongue, or putting a drop of Digestzen in a little four ounce cup and drinking it, my stomach would no longer be upset!

In the very beginning of the trip, one of the other women in our group sat next to someone on the plane who was obviously ill! She was coughing and sneezing next to her for four long hours! She was so sure she was going to catch it and that it would ruin her trip! She asked my friend and I if we had anything that would help her to not get sick! Thankfully we were both equipped withOn Guard oil and I had some On Guard softgels on hand. We gave her a pile of On Guard softgels and told her to take one every day, even two for the first couple of days. She came to us after about 5 days and said that it worked because she no longer felt like she was going to get sick and felt much better! Yay for essential oils coming to the rescue! I would not leave home without my essential oils and supplements! I also brought some Serenity softgels to help withgetting a restful nights sleep. It took me a few days to get onto the new time zone that we were in. We were 7 hours ahead so I did struggle during the day and most of us slept on the bus in the firstfew days, and I struggled with being able to fall asleep when I needed to. So did my roommate! We both took those Serenity softgels every night for the first few nights and it did help us to sleep! I also brought my Balance because that is helpful in helping you feel grounded and helping your body adjust to the new time zone. It worked well for me.

I came home with such an excitement from my trip loaded with beautiful pictures and souvenirs for my husband and kids. I told my husband how much I loved Europe! Austria being my favorite but the other three followed closely behind! My husband and I have talked fo

r a few years now about bringing the kids to another country to spend either a summer or a school year. I have always been favorable to the idea but never knew where I would want to go. Now I know! I would go live in Austria in a heartbeat! It is so beautiful and centrally located so that

you can take day trips to other countries easily. So, my husband suggested that next summer, we go to Europe! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Now that I have a European tour guide contact, I feel I would have someone to help me get things arranged for us to stay for the summer. I have already looked into AirBnB and have found a few houses to rent for the summer and I looked into a summer camp for the kids to go to where they could spend a month learning how to speak German! I can’t wait to expose my twins to a new culture and language. Just about everyone speaks English there, but it would be wonderful for the children to learn a new language in the country of origin! I hope to pick up some of the language myself! What a better way to learn a language than to be immersed in it, right?

I will keep you posted with how this whole thing shakes out for our 2018 summer in Europe!